Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Girl

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was chock full of karate, baseball and softball. All kids, all the time. I love that my kids are in sports, but sometimes I  feel overwhelmed. With all the running around there's no time to get everything back in order, then BANG! Monday's here.

Last week's fitness plan went well considering I blew everything off on Monday. I did run four days. Granted one was only a fifteen minute run, but hey, it was still a run. I did HCC twice as well as two days of strength training. I started experiencing some knee pain at the beginning of the week and I'm not sure what's going on with that. It wasn't terrible, just some pain on the inside and back of my knee,but I noticed after a while I had shifted my gait to take some of the weight off that knee. I've read that new runners sometimes experience knee pain, so I'm not super worried, but if anyone has any tips or advice, let me know. I did ice it down with a bag of frozen spinach and that helped.

I've managed to crush the sugar demon. I'm not a huge sugar freak anyway, the problem is I'm just not good with anything. I'm an all or nothing kind of gal. I used to fight it in other areas in my life, thinking that if I were more balanced I would be a happier person. That just made me miserable trying to be something I'm not so I figured WTH? As long as I'm not hurting anyone, what does it matter? But when it comes to my body, moderation is definitely important. Oh, I can eat three or four M&M's or candy corn, but then I'll come back for three or four more until the whole bag is gone. And you better hope you don't have another bag stashed somewhere, 'cause I'll find that one too. I do much better just to stay far away from the white devil. I've kicked it before, but I always go back. Usually its a certain time of the month too. But I'm strong, I can beat this.

The lack of sugar didn't to a thing for my weight; it didn't budge. I thought maybe when I started running I would drop a few pounds, but it just made me hungrier. I eat healthy, but man, I can eat. And, left to my own devices, I eat light in the first part of the day and make up for it by munching all evening.  I guess I'm going to bite the bullet this week and not only stick to a eating plan but count calories to get my portions under control. I'm logging them too, so it might make for some boring reading the next several days. Just sayin'.

I'm kicking around a little format for the blog. I want to post more consistently and strike some sort of balance (again, not my strong point, so bear with me) between exercise and food. Oh, and there will eventually be pictures! I had a recipe that I wanted to share last week but everyone knows recipes suck without pictures.  When I found the camera, it had no batteries someone took off with them to use in his radio. By the time I got the batteries back, the food was gone. Oh well.

My fitness goals for this week:
Count calories and eat several small, planned meals
Run four days for at least a half hour
HCC 3x
Yoga at least once-  I'm needing this, my body and my brain is all funked up, I need to peace out!

What are your fitness goals this week?


Emz said...

YAY for HCC! You're so commited!!

YAY on the sugar.

Ummmmm, I totally sucked it up on the sugar thing this weekend. BAD. BAD. BAD EMZ. Here's to a better today. ;)

Karen R said...

Good job sticking with your plans! It's great that you did the no sugar thing. I have a HUGE sugar problem.

So this week my nutritionist has me on a sugar fast - which means no sweetners either (no diet sodas, no skinny lattes for me). It's my fourth day and I have a raging headache! I'm suppose to do this for 21 days. I told her a week at a time is all I can do for now.

Good luck with your workouts this week :)

heather said...

Thanks for the support! Its much easier to stick to my goals when I have great feedback!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Lots of sugar fasting going around. I've had good success with counting calories - 20 pounds lost since June, though you don't look like you have that much to give.