Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday's Gone

I hope everyone had a terrific long weekend! Ours was amazing! We celebrated Knucklehead's (the name he chose after I vetoed "the Undertaker" and "Woman's Man") eighth birthday on Saturday. It was a chilly evening for a pool party, but the kids didn't seem to even notice until they got out. It's hard to believe my baby boy is turning eight in a few days. Where does the time go?

We spent Sunday evening gathered around the fire with some good beer and a couple of new friends. Then yesterday we went to see the  WV Power play their last game of the season. The kids caught several balls and the players were even kind enough to sign them. Dollar dogs, soda and beers and no one got hit with a ball, so it was a win!

The long weekend threw me off my game a bit. The house is a disaster and I have a mountain of laundry to tackle today, but it will all get done. I finally ran my first straight mile last Wednesday. It was awesome but also weird because when I got to the mile mark and slowed to a walk I thought it would feel better, but it actually felt wrong and kind of painful. Like when you fall asleep with your head in your hand and it feels fine while your sleeping but when you move your wrist, it hurts. Does that make any sense?  I think it took a little over twelve minutes to run, I forgot to set my watch. This morning I ran two cycles of twelve minutes running one minute walking and it took me 11:24 to run my first mile. I'm getting there. My goal is to run four days this week, ending the week with two cycles of run for fifteen minutes with a couple of one minute walk breaks.

Strength training is on track for the week, despite the busy weekend. I overdid it last week, that crazy boot camp workout made my inner thighs and glutes so sore that I couldn't stick to my original plan so I did an upper body w/o instead. That stuff is no joke. My HCC is going great, although I'm wondering shouldn't it be getting easier instead of harder? Some days I have the strength to breeze through most of it (I loathe diamonds in the sky), but other days I can barely make it. Anyone else having that problem? I am noticing some results though. My obliques are definitely benefiting from the ankle grabbers and my planks are not nearly as shaky.

My diet goal for this week is no sugar. I waited until this week to start because I knew the birthday party would mean cake and ice cream and I'm helpless against apple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I started on Sunday and thought I was doing really well until I just remembered I had a frozen lemonade at the ballgame yesterday. Oh well. I'm starting over today. So no sugar from now until next Tuesday. Anyone else on board?


Emz said...

NO sugar?! YAY you. :)
That's like asking me not to breathe.


I shall try to use you as my motivation and I'm with you!! I just had a brownie for breakfast sooooo ---- starting now. ;)

Quinton J said...

Yeah...no way...you're on your own there. In fact, after reading this post...I resolve to eat MORE sugar.

Karen R said...

Cool goal about the sugar! I listed as one of my health goals this week to not do sugar (my post from Sunday). I am hoping that will help break my weight plateau.

And I just blogged about sugar today!

I haven't had sugar in 2.5 days and am proud of myself :) Good luck with that plan this week!

Anne said...

No sugar has got to be tough...go you!! :)
Keep it up with the strength training.

Thanks for coming by my blog! I love my Saucony's and really think I'll be able to maintain my barefoot feel in them.

Amy said...

This is an entertaining post and I'm happy to read it. Keep up the good post.