Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Friday: Athleta Rocks!

I've been busting at the seams to tell you a secret. AM over at Goals for the Week had a super deluxe awesome Athleta  giveaway a few weeks ago and....I WON!!!! I've been waiting so patiently for the UPS man to bring me my goodies so I could show you what I got.

Okay, what I didn't get was any good close up pictures. I was either squinty, eyes closed or doing something really weird with my hands or making ugly  faces at my photographer for making me squint in the sun. So, these action shots will have to do and I'll just tell you about my loot.
  I got the Hana Run Shorts in rosey red and black (they're on back order till waaay past my first frost date) and two bra Top Cutout Camis in black and rosey red. I looooove these shorts. They fit fantastic and they're not all poochy like most of the running shorts I've tried. The length is great and they have a drawstring and a little pocket for your key or what have you. The liner is really thin and gauzy, so not sure if I'd really trust that pocket to hold much, but I don't pack much when I'm running. I'm not even upset the black ones are on back order 'cause I know I can wear them over tights later and look just like the girl in the catalog good. The tops are great too. The fit is very flattering and they have a built in bra that is supportive enough (for my girls anyway) to run in and they even have a little padding...which never hurts.

I had never even heard of  Athleta until I started reading Anne Marie's blog and found out she gets to model the clothes to see how they will be photographed (lucky girl!), but I will be shopping there again. The quality is fantastic! I've got my eye on the long sleeve twist top and the ready to run top, ooh ohh and look at this rockin' tattoo top with matching arm warmers!!!  Their website is easy to navigate, the clothing is well described and photographed, but what helped the most is the comment section for each item. I wasn't sure which size to get the short in and after reading a few comments from women with height, weight and build similar to mine, I had my size. Easy,peasy.  A huge thank you to AM for such an awesome giveaway!!!

Hope everyone had a great week. I'll post my stats for the week tomorrow...after my pizza gut goes away.


Karen R said...

Cute outfit!

Athleta has lots of cute clothes. And I saw in their recent catalog that they have increased the length of many of their "tall" pants. I am 6 feet tall and need the extra length!

I also love clothes from Lucy (activewear). You should check that out too and add to your "wish list" :)

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Sweet score! I love their stuff. Great quality!