Monday, August 23, 2010

Manic Monday

Saturday's run went well. I ran six cycles of run 4 min. walk 1 min. The first two cycles went great, then after that I had to walk a few times before my whole four minutes were up, but overall it felt good. I'm happy that I'm at a point now that even though I'm out of breath and my legs are exhausted, I want to run again. That's promising.

This morning's run was late. I must have turned my alarm off instead of hitting snooze. I was dreaming about sitting on bleachers playing some little sing song game with four little girls I've never seen before when one of them shouted, "You're going to be late!" I bolted out of bed and realized it was 6:30 already. Wow! I've been getting up like clockwork at 5am (sometimes before the alarm goes off) and now with school back in session and a million things to do, I oversleep. Everyone made it on time properly fed and with all their accoutrements so its all good.

I ran five cycles of 5min. run and 1 min. walk. The first two cycles were great. After that I started walking a bit before the five minutes were up. Each time this happened, I checked my watch and I would only have a minute or less to run. I kept telling myself that I could do anything for a minute. It really helped.

I'm still trying to work out my strength training days. I do two days of upper body and one day of lower one week then switch the next. Upper body is no problem, but I need to know when is the best time to do lower body in conjunction with running? I've tried doing it on the days I don't run, but then the next day when I run, my legs are wiped out; I can barely make them move. Today I did lower after my run. I had to rest a little longer between sets, but hopefully I won't be so sore and tired on Wednesday.

WOD Lower Body  2 sets

Lunges          15
Squats          15
Plie Squat     20
Donkey Kick 15
SL Dead Lift  20
Kickbacks     20
Wt. Bridge     20
SL Bridge      20

In other news, I have three followers! I'm so flippin' excited! You crazy runner girls* are some of the nicest people. Thanks for your support!

*eta - and guys...thanks Jamoosh!

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Jamoosh said...

You now have FOUR Followers...and you're signed up. Come and get some CORE!