Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doin' the Humpday Hump

 I ran 30 minutes this morning and made it through every 5 min. run without walking!!! I am so proud! I even made it up the (tiny) hill and kept my same, albeit slow, pace. There is a lot more going on in the world at 5:30am now that school's started. Before, I rarely passed one person but this morning there were eleven people out either running or walking their pooches. I think having other runners around helps me run better/longer. I refuse to let myself walk when everyone else is running.

My workout plan for this week is working much better too. I did legs and butt on Monday after my run and today I had no soreness and my legs weren't exhausted. I was supposed to do upper body today but only made it through one set, I kept getting distracted by the phone ringing and the dog barking. I'll either try again later or do it tomorrow.

Yesterday's workout went really well. I walked Tucker for about 20 min. then did Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown. My plan at the beginning of the month was to add three days of ab work into my weekly routine, but after the first week I ditched. I had a really good excuse though. I started doing Ab Ripper X from P90X which is all fine and dandy...if you have cow hide for skin. We now call it Ass Ripper X because it rubbed every bit of skin off of my tailbone. It was gross, and very painful. The manchild to which I am married, made fun of me and spent several nights doctoring and I even made him put band aids on it because it hurt to lie down, or sit, or even move. After two or three days of him calling me a freak, I looked it up and found I wasn't the only one who had that happen. It even has a name now: blistered badonkadonk.

So, no more crunchy frog or in and outs for me. Scouting around to see what some of you runner types do for your midsection, I found The Hardcore Club that Jamoosh has going on. It's fantastic! I tried it yesterday and did better than I expected. The only move I had trouble with was the leg raise; I couldn't hold it for the whole 30 seconds. My lower abs are pretty weak, so I'm adding some reverse crunches and alternating leg raises to the mix.

In other news, Anne Marie over at Goals for the Week is having an awesome Athleta giveaway. I mean a super spectacular giveaway! She has a fab blog and is very inspiring, so rush on over there and check it out! I was just looking at the online catalog this morning...wishing. I plan on buying myself a top or something as a reward when I can finally run a mile.

Happy Wednesday!


Emz said...

YAY for the run & HCC!!

Way to go!

Andrew Opala said...

Hey ... you had me at "lift heavy" ... welcome to the blog world.

If you have a chance drop by runningmanwannabe I'm a newbie so you might find it boring, but I'd like to know more about this p90x stuff ...

anyway talk at you later.