Wednesday, August 18, 2010

fast like molassas

I'm running more, walking less and going the same distance, yet my time is increasing. Hmmm.

Is it possible that I walk faster than I run?

Today's run:  4min. run/1min. walk.  Made it through three good cycles, then the last few cycles I started walking before my 4min was up. Felt pretty good overall. I slowed my running pace which helped my breathing and my legs (which are a little sore from yesterday's workout). I ran faster at the end, mostly because I looked at my watch a partly because it felt good. Ran halfway up the big hill.

2.93 miles
38.02 min
peak hr 183
avg hr  163
in zone 18.30 min

1 comment:

Karen R said...

I think that sometimes I walk faster than I run also! That is so funny :) Like you, I am trying to increase (slowly but surely) my speed and distance :)