Monday, November 1, 2010

Its a New Day!

October went out with a candy-fueled bang, but no more. I'm so over that. I ended the month having ran  46 miles, four miles off my target, but I'll take it. My weight stayed the same and I never did get back a good strength training groove. Try, try again.

 I did sip some good beers though. We had some Saranac Pumpkin Ale, Beck's Octoberfest, and Shiner Oktoberfest and I have to say I enjoyed the pumpkin ale the most. You can taste the cloves, not too much, perfectly spicy.

Big November goals:

Run - 4x per week with a distance goal of at least 50 miles.
I'm having a harder time getting out there. I'm a complete wuss when it comes to the cold. My runs the last two weeks have been late in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun has been shining long enough to knock some of the chill off the air.

Lift  3x per week
With a focus on glutes at least twice per week - I noticed while trying on jeans recently that my derriere seems to have gone south for the winter. So not cool! I worked so hard last year to get everything where it belongs and then let it go! I guess where I don't see it all the time, I kind of forgot. Nothing like a giant three way mirror to remind you!
Work on flexibility - more yoga and stretching. Flexibility is great until I start lifting, then my hamstrings get soooo tight. There's got to be a cure.

Eat -Vegan for the month 
I eat a lot of vegan meals, but I'm no vegan. I became rather obsessed with vegan baking a few winters ago, mostly because I doubted it possible that great baked goods could be made without butter and eggs and partly because I love a challenge. Some things worked, some had the texture of upholstery foam (yes, I have ingested some, don't ask).

Since I have admired Vegan MoFo from afar for the past two years I decided to go vegan for the month and join in all the fun (if they will let me since I am indeed a poser). This will be somewhat of a challenge because as the days become shorter and colder I like hot, comforting meals that generally involve cheese and/or cream. I'm so not into any of that fake stuff either. I love a challenge, especially if it involves food.
So for the next month, this blog will have a heavy leaning towards vegan meals, recipes and how all this veganization  makes me feel, look etc.

Non-fitness related goal:
November is Home month here at casa de loco. I have several projects  that are (and have been for years months) in various states of completion and my goal is to complete them and maybe start a new one. Smiley and Knucklehead are both ready for a change in decor, so I would like to at least get one of their rooms painted a shiny new color before the new year.

Oh and this month I vow to actually look back at my goals and try to stay a little more focused.  Pinky swear.


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Enjoy the vegan month! No such thing as a vegan poseur, either you're eating vegan or you're not. :)

Quinton J said...

I’ve been lovin’ the pumpkin ales.

Good luck with the cold weather runnin’…but know we’re in it together. You’ve got this.
Also, congratulations on the junk in the trunk…that’s great news.
I’ve got to be honest though…I’m not feelin’ the vegan stuff. In fact, after reading your post…I’ve resolved to eat more meat this month.

heather said...

Kovas - so far, so good. It's the little things that almost trip me up. Reaching for the milk for my coffee, then putting it back in exchange for soy.

Q - you sound like my husband. As the words "vegan for the month" came out of my mouth, I heard "noooo!" and saw four deer steaks come flying out of the freezer.

Rae said...

Good luck with your goals this month!

Alicia said...

Hey! You probably don't know this but I was born and raised in WV. St. Albans until I was in high school then we moved to Winfield. It's great to see someone living a healthy lifestyle out there. Oh, and your blog reminds me of how much I miss the falls there.