Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's Going On

Super quick post about where I'm at health and training wise and what else is going here. Long overdue, no? October is almost over and I don't think I even posted my month's goals (I'm too lazy to look).

I took Clyde and Patrick's Octoberfast Challenge at the beginning of the month. My goal was to run 50 miles,  cross train 3x a week and lose 5 lbs. Weeeeell, seeing as there is only a few days left in the month and I haven't lost an ounce, I don't see that one happening. I have reinstated my strength training plan, but am only averaging about two days a week. I've slacked a little on hard core club too, getting only two days in per week instead of three. Ah, but what's this? If I combine weights with hcc, I'm getting three (sometimes four) cross training days in. Hells yeah. I think I've ran thirty some miles (again, too lazy to actually pull up a new window to look) so if I run all my planned days, I'll hit my goal of 50. Not too bad*.

I won these cool Ryders sunglasses from Neil's Virtual Race. Thanks Neil! Ryders also sent me a pair of crazy black and red socks. Sweet!

What else? New hairdo.

Hmm. Looking at it, I guess its not so much a new do, just a shorter one. I had several inches cut off the back. And a change from summer blonde to winter blonde. I'm working on getting a different job, and thought the change would make me look slightly more pulled together than my usual thirty-six year old surfer chick look. Or bum. I prefer surfer chick.

Halloween costumes. I've finally started working on them. I still have two more days til trick or treat. I'm headed out right now to search for a big bag of snakes.

How's your week going and who's ready to face that giant mountain of Halloweeny candy? 

*Damn you candy corn for getting between me and my goals. Soon though I will be rid of you and your wicked ways. Yesterday at the grocer's I noticed your gang that was once so large and strategically positioned is getting smaller and smaller, down to just a few bags of Autumn Mix and an errant Indian Corn. Die candy corn, die!


Kovas Palubinskas said...

If they don't like you as a surfer chick, you don't want to work there.

Big Clyde said...

Yes, you look great. Congrats on the progress this month! 30 miles mtd is pretty awesome and that 50 is within your grasp.

Rae said...

Loving your new do!

Quinton J said...

You look amazing. No…stunning. Eat all the candy corn you want.
…I always take ALL of the Kit Kats.
...and the Reeses.
...Oh...and the Caramilk.
Also, the Wonderbars.

I'm gonna need a new do.

Karen R said...

The hair is adorable :)

I'm logging all of my food on a daily basis (starting today) so hopefully that keeps me accountable enough to not binge on the Dots and sour patch kids.

Karen R said...

Oh, and I agree with Kovas (for once).

FruitFly said...

I absolutely LOVE your hair!! I just switched to my winter blond, too. But your style is way better than mine!

heather said...

Thanks for the hair love!

Kovas - so true! While this new thing isn't exactly what I want to be when I grow up, it IS super flexible and summers off so I still get to be pretend surfer chick all summmer long AND be with my kiddos!

Karen - wish I could pass up all the fattening chocolate, nuts and caramel for Dots and Sour Patch!